Girly Engineer Wear

Grammy sent Phoebe a cute little outfit. I sent her to school in it yesterday, and managed to snap a few shots before school. Here’s a preview:

From September 2008

This one shows all four of her teeth! Follow the album link to see the rest of the pictures (The linked one is the last in the album – so go backwards to see the rest). There are even some that show her whole outfit. We also did a photo-shoot with Daddy since it was his birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting her to look at the camera!

Lessons – TMI post, I’m sure

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been very sick most nights when I am at home and usually go to bed as soon as Phoebe goes to bath (I try to watch tv as opposed to going to sleep that early). That leads to not much else being done so not much else to report on.

But I will report that if for whatever reason a Prenate DHA vitamin ends up at the bottom of the toilet bowl … It will stay there (as in stuck.. will not move even with a toilet brush) for a full 24 hours at which point it’s disintegrated enough it can be loosened with a toilet brush and flushed. And then, your bathroom will stink for a still unknown period of time. Luckily for me – it was a sample vitamin. I don’t think I’ll be filling that prescription until at least when I’m no longer so sick.

Now that I’ve grossed everybody out… I’ll try to come up with something less gross the next time around!

Phoebe’s first ballgame

This weekend Phoebe and I went to my parents house. While there, Phoebe got to go to her first football game! She also learned lots of new tricks. In this picture, you can see her doing “Touchdown Rebels!” My dad taught her that Friday night. To see more pictures from the weekend, go look at my mom’s picasaweb.

Other trick’s she’s learned is to be a parrot. Friday night she said “ni-night.” She hasn’t said it since, but she definitely did Friday and my mom heard it! She’s also learned to say “hey”, “yay” and will clap if she hears you say “yay.” Sometimes she gets those two words mixed up. And Rick heard her try to say “touchdown!” last night!

She’s also gained a tooth, and another is really, really close. She’s been a bit fussy since we got home. I think she’s a little rotten after a few days at grammy and granddaddy’s and add to it the teething she’s an unhappy girl!

Phoebe and I had a great time spending time with family this weekend! Though we did miss Rick while he stayed at home all by his lonesome (with the dogs, of course).

And we’re glad to know that Rick’s parents made it through Gustav without even losing power! We were definitely keeping an eye as the storm made its landfall.